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Joffry Arthur

Contemporary solo piano artist / composer



It gives me great pleasure to share with you my musical journey, which has taken me to various countries in Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to perform in different musical groups and projects, bringing joy to audiences with my energetic Boogie-woogie piano style.
However, my musical journey hit a roadblock when I sustained arm injuries due to the repetitive movements required by this style of music. Although doctors advised me to stop playing the piano, my passion for music was too strong to give up. Hence, I embarked on a quest to discover gentler ways of playing the piano that would not strain my arms, leading me to find solace in composing relaxing contemporary solo piano music.
To transform myself from a “tiger on the run” Boogie-woogie pianist to a serene solo piano player, I challenged myself to stretch my creative boundaries and explore uncharted territories. This journey led me to organize a full moon solo piano concert on Sail 2005 in Amsterdam, with only nine months to prepare for a full 50-minute performance.
Initially, I had only written one or two contemporary solo piano songs and was used to playing with a band, sometimes solo but mostly Boogie-woogie. However, I was determined to create music that sounded complete and fulfilling without any other instruments. This prompted me to ponder the intersection and divergence of Boogie-woogie and relaxing solo piano music.
Through this exploration, I discovered that Boogie-woogie emphasizes the left hand, chords, and melody, playing a strong rhythmic role and satisfying the listener with all frequencies. Therefore, my challenge was to write and perform relaxing solo piano music that retained a beat, satisfying bass, beautiful chords, and touching melody.
After nine months, I performed the open-air full moon concert on a terrace near the water in Amsterdam, with the romantic scenery of Sail 2005 happening in the background. Although I was nervous, the feedback from people telling me how my music touched and inspired them encouraged me to share my passion in a unique and remarkable way – through my Solo Piano Resonance Concert. This intimate concert experience is exclusively available for a maximum of three listeners and is enjoyed from the unique perspective of being under the grand piano, where the magic truly comes to life.
In 2006, I rented a piano to further improve my compositions and made the recordings for my first album. In 2007, I released my first solo piano CD, “Childhood,” which is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud. My song “Childhood v2” has already been streamed over 200k times on Soundcloud, which is an honor! Please feel free to connect with me on Soundcloud and Spotify. I hope you enjoy!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about my musical journey, and I look forward to sharing my passion for music with you.

Relaxing solo piano music

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