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The Green Artist Project:

The green artist project was started by Composer/pianist Joffry Arthur and photographer/Sound designer Joakim Abrahami.

Joffry Arthur has been working with many different musical combinations and projects and has been heard on stage in all corners of the The Netherlands.

For years Joffry was spreading joy with his energetic Boogie-woogie style piano music.

Joffry has also produced several jingles and has completed various studio projects including band recordings and electronic music productions.

During the last few years Joffry has been focusing on his ambient solo-piano career and in 2007 he released his first album containing all own compositions under the name “Solopiano”.

Joakim Abrahami was born in Norway, but moved to the Netherlands in 2000 to study sound engineering. After working several years in the dutch advertising business as a music composer and sound designer he shifted his focus to his great passion, photography.

With Nature- and macro photography as his main inspiration he is always looking for new challenges and constantly developing new techniques to be able to capture the beauty of the world in more amazing ways.

The green artist project came to exist when Joffry Arthur and Joakim Abrahami decided to take their art to a next level by combining their talents on stage and create a multimedia performance that would give their audience a more interesting and inspiring experience.

This was not enough and The green artist project had to be more than that!

As preforming artists on stage they felt that they had a possibility and even a duty to do something more than just giving people an entertaining show.

It all came together when their way’s crossed with the one of NGO organization WeForest, an international organization devoted to reforestation and permaculture.

The goal became clear.

In this difficult time where the world is crying out for help and where the forests of our planet are slaughtered for human profit, The green artist project has an important task; To inspire people to help out!

Nature is the great inspirational source behind the art of The green artist project and if nothing is done, the nature that we take for granted today will not last for coming generation and maybe not even for the rest of our lifes. Beautiful nature can not be taken for granted in many places of the world, even today.

We can reverse this! By reforestation using permaculture techniques we can change the lives of many people around the world and buy the planet more time so that new energy sources can be developed and replace the destructive methods used today.

It is not difficult to make a difference and to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

The goal of The green artist project’s is to help people understanding how.